Larry Elder & Dennis Prager of Salem Radio Use Bry Cox

Both Larry Elder and Dennis Prager are best-selling authors and hosts of nationally syndicated radio talk-shows. They need great portraits for magazine interviews, speaking and media events, and other printed pieces.


I made this photo shoot easy and painless by taking a portable studio to them, at their Salem Radio office where they broadcasts in Los Angeles, California.

Utah's #1 News Team Uses Bry Cox

KUTV 2 News, Utah's number 1 news team uses me for their portraits. And those images are used to promote their business on billboards, signs, busses, TV promotions, printed pieces, and more. They know that these headshots are their "storefront." It's what people use to make subconscious decisions on what news team they like, trust, and will watch.

Your Headshot is Your Storefront. Look like a Million Bucks!

People make judgments based on the photos on your website. Everyone in your law firm or business office should look great, and the images when displayed together, should have an artistic and cohesive, professional look that matches the professional image you've worked hard to create.

It's Easy. I Come to You.

I'll bring a complete portable studio and lighting setup. Your time is valuable. Instead of driving across town and back, I can come to you and save you and your employees time and money. All I need is some space in a conference room to set up a portable studio. Then each employee only has to stop working for a few minutes to come down the hall for their individual portrait.


And your employees can check and view their images right there during their shoot on a tethered laptop to make sure they have a favorite image they love and are happy to use. If something is not right, we can re-shoot it right then.

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